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I was terrified of birth and couldn't touch my toes.

So if you had told twenty-something me that I would be getting people not just ready, but actually rather excited for their birth from my own purpose built yoga studio, I would have been more than a little bit surprised!

Amy Davis is an antenatal teacher in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire who specialises in pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing

Growing up, I was not flexible. I distinctly remember my 80 year old grandma being more flexible than me.

I am the youngest of 3 and a child of the '80's so I heard all about my mum's births: routine shaving, enemas and episiotomies. No wonder I thought birth was something to be afraid of.

When I left University and took up a corporate job I did the next sensible thing and joined a gym. Somehow I stumbled into a yoga class, and the rest is history as they say!

Sadly, when it came to my first birth, although one person did tell me how amazing hypnobirthing was, I just assumed that a terrible first birth was just something we all had to go through and dismissed it as something that was a bit hippy sounding that my husband would probably hate. Something that I lived to regret! 

I didn't make that mistake in my second birth and seeing first hand just how powerful Hypnobirthing could be led me on to qualify to teach. You can read both birth stories in full here.

So in 2020 I ditched the corporate job, and made yoga and hypnobirthing my full time 'thing'. 

SO here I am now, teacher of pregnancy and post-natal yoga and hypnobirthing, and since January 1st; dedicated studio owner - phew!

A bit of a turnaround from that twenty-something person, eh?

"Amy REALLY helped the whole pregnancy / post-natal “journey” for me! From getting me moving in pregnancy, making me feel A LOT more chilled out (I was petrified beforehand) and informed about labour via the hypnobirthing course and also getting me out the house with the little one for post-natal yoga, which made such a huge difference!

I am so grateful and will definitely be back with baby #2! Thanks Amy, you are the best!!!!!!

Natalie and Mike

my qualifications

Baby Massage

Wildflower Training October 2023

Post Natal Yoga

Sally Parkes Advanced Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training - November 2020

Post natal yoga teacher brackley banbury oxfordshire northamptonshire


The Birth Uprising Conversion Course - May 2021

Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing Teacher Training - August 2020

Mother & Baby Yoga

Sally Parkes Teacher Training - June 2019

Align Your Baby

Optimal Foetal Positioning - The Hypnobirthing Midwife - January 2018

Pregnancy Yoga

Whitespace Yoga Studio, Milton Keynes - October 2017

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Whitespace Yoga Studio, Milton Keynes - June 2016


Yoga Alliance


Associate Level 1 Member of Yoga Alliance UK

pregnancy yoga hypnobirthing banbury brackley prenatal class oxfordshire northamptonshire
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