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pregnancy and post-natal yoga and antenatal classes in Banbury

small group pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing and post-natal yoga classes near Banbury

Pregnant and living in Banbury?

I can help with that! For the past 5 years I have been teaching pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing and post-natal yoga in Banbury. These days I teach from my own dedicated studio space just a 15 minute drive from the centre of Banbury at a converted barn within the beautiful courtyard of The Old Farmyard at Forceleap Farm, part of the Newbottle Estate, which is about half way between Brackley and Banbury. The studio is surrounded by beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, providing the perfect tranquil location to be able to relax and switch off from the world around you. 



Why The Hypnobirthing Yoga Teacher?

My approach to both yoga and hypnobirthing is straightforward, honest and relaxed. I like to put people at ease by making you laugh (usually at me!), and not taking myself too seriously!

I don't think that I fit the stereotypical mould of a yoga or hypnobirthing teacher (whatever that may be!); I'm not particularly bendy or flexible, but that is why I do yoga! Nor did I have a calm, serene home birth surrounded by tea lights with either of my children! But I do have the benefit of knowing the difference that top quality antenatal classes can make to your experience; I did no preparation first time round, but was fully prepared second time around having taken a hypnobirthing course with my husband and had a really positive water birth in the local birth centre.

My positive second birth was not just down to breathing techniques and relaxation, but the knowledge that I had of the birth system, allowing me to take control of the situation and advocate for the birth that I wanted at the place that I wanted.

With my combined knowledge of yoga and hypnobirthing I work with people through pregnancy and prepare them for any kind of birth and support them beyond, into parenthood.

Here's what people say about me and my classes:

Amy REALLY helped the whole pregnancy / post-natal “journey” for me! From getting me moving in pregnancy, making me feel A LOT more chilled out (I was petrified beforehand) and informed about labour via the hypnobirthing course and also getting me out the house with the little one for post-natal yoga, which made such a huge difference! I am so grateful and will definitely be back with baby #2! Thanks Amy, you are the best!!!!!!

Natalie Mumford (Google Review)

Amy is so lovely and gives such a personal experience on the hypnobirthing course!
I have also done yoga with her which was great! She will put you right at ease and help you feel prepped for this crazy journey!

Kathy Hawes (Google Review)

I was fortunate to come across Amy as her hypnobirthing course was recommended to me along with her pre and post natal yoga classes. My partner and I have completed the hypnobirthing course and as it’s our first baby, I can honestly say it has transformed our perspectives on birth and helped reduce any fear/anxiety about giving birth, to feeling calm and confident and excited at the prospect of meeting our baby. Amy is very welcoming, knowledgeable and open, she gives you lots of information and resources that you can refer to as part of your preparation for birth, understanding your rights, the role of your birth partner, what happens to your body in labour and the stages of labour, so much to mention and most helpful. I feel like I have a good understanding now of what could happen and birthing options, helping me to reflect on birth plan preferences. I have recently started attending the antenatal yoga classes with Amy which are great too and help you with birthing positions, breathing techniques and all round relaxation. I cannot recommend Amy enough, thank you Amy!

Leona Biddle (Google Review)

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