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birth blessing

a celebration of the transition to motherhood; an alternative approach to a baby shower

Do you want to come together with your closest friends and family to celebrate the transition you are about to go through, but don't think a baby shower is for you? Are you coming towards the end of your pregnancy and would love to get together with your mates before the baby arrives? Perhaps your struggling to find a venue or something that feels appropriate for you and people of different ages?


Well a birth blessing may be exactly the alternative you are looking for. Rather than placing the emphasis on the baby; [think fancy gifts, boy/girl themed decorations, baby based games and activities, a bit like a hen party but with less penis straws and more baby-grows] a birth blessing is all about the mother and the support that the community around her is able to offer.

A birth blessing is about gathering to celebrate the mother and all the support and love that the community around her can provide, wishing her well for the birth and post partum period. 

It sounds a bit hippy...

There is no prescriptive way to run a birth blessing and I would not offer to run these in a way that neither myself nor the mother at the centre felt comfortable with and by extension those attending.


The simple basics of the event involve sitting in a circle with your guests and then taking part in some group activities before sharing a feast which you can choose to provide yourself or ask each of your guests to contribute a plate to, or I could even help with this if you wanted me to. So not actually that weird or 'hippy' at all?!


In terms of activities these are just some ideas that we might include: 

  • A welcoming circle where we all introduce ourselves and how we know the mother, perhaps including how we first met or a favourite memory including the mother

  • Do something nurturing for the mother such as a foot or hand massage

  • A simple group yoga practice or meditation

  • Jointly we could create a simple centrepiece for our circle, this may be seasonal flowers or foliage 

  • Collect a jar of well wishes or positive affirmations for the post-partum period

  • Write positive birth affirmations 

  • Make a flower crown for the mother under the guidance of Suzy from From Garden to Vase (subject to availability and at an extra charge for materials etc)

  • Create a thread circle - thread is wound around the wrist or ankle of everyone in the circle creating a symbolic representation of everyone being joined together in wishing the mother well. The thread is then cut to leave a bracelet for each participant to be worn until the birth of the baby, acting as a reminder to hold the mother in their thoughts. 

  • End the session with a relaxing sound bath (subject to availability and at an extra charge)

  • Rather than gifts, participants could bring pledges of support that they will provide after the birth - this could be food, cleaning or laundry services, entertaining older children, walking the dog, holding the baby while the mother has a shower, vouchers for post-natal massage or a supply of other feel-good post natal products such as herbal bath oils.


Amy -153.jpeg

It sounds good doesn't it?! 

The main point of the mother blessing, besides making the mother feel loved and cherished, is to redirect the focus of the support towards the mother rather than the baby. This is a really special and unique way to celebrate this huge life transition, in a very powerful and meaningful way. 

How do we book? 

The best thing to do is contact me to arrange a date and discuss what you would like to include. I would allow 2 - 3 hours from start to finish and the most popular time and day would be a Saturday afternoon. These dates do get booked up quite quickly as there is limited availability around Saturday hypnobirthing courses. 

How much does it cost?

The starting price for up to 10 guests is £150. This includes use of the venue, props and equipment to set up the circle, tea/coffee/herbal tea, and organising and leading a group activity (sound baths, flower crowns and any other activities you may come up with will be charged in addition). Catering is usually provided as a group effort by your guests, but if you would prefer I can arrange this at an additional charge. The studio is equipped with crockery and cutlery. 

Get in touch today to book this most special of events, contact me here


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