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active birth workshop

what is active birth and why do I need to know about it?

If you have been to ante-natal classes, you may have heard the term 'active labour', but this is different to active birth. Active labour is the stage of labour where you are having strong, regular contractions, lasting around a minute in length. In active labour, the active part is the uterus, doing all the contracting. This is different to the principle of active birth, which is more about the person giving birth being active, i.e. moving around freely and adopting comfortable positions either with movement or in static positions, perhaps with a partner for support or using props such as pillows and birth balls. 

Being physically active during the active stage of labour is known to help to make labour more comfortable, quicker and less likely to require interventions, when compared with a managed labour or birth in less active or even reclined (lithotomy) positions.

We use a lot of active birth positions and techniques in yoga and I will regularly point out positions that are my 'go to' for labour and birth. However, the way we move in a classroom setting is likely to be very different to the way we move for labour and birth. In a class we are working on creating flowing, fluid movements that are physically beneficial as well as working on relaxation by concentrating on our breath and using this to support our practice. This does not always give us time to 'unpack' the logic behind our movement, or give us time to note things down so that we can use them on the big day, or relay them to our birth partners so they can assist. Birth partners knowing how to support us is hugely important. Birth partners have a huge role to play, not just physically but emotionally and practically too and having the confidence to support you will make a huge difference to their experience as well as yours.

who is the workshop for?

Anyone who is expecting a baby, along with their birth partner. It is essential that both parties attend as the workshop will be a lot of practical partner work. 

I would recommend that this is best taken from around 20 weeks or beyond.

This workshop is based on aspects covered in the full hypnobrithing course that I teach, so if you are already enrolled on that you do not need to attend this workshop (unless you really want to!)

This session is in no way a replacement to a full hypnobirthing course which I would always recommend where possible

what you will learn: 

  • The significance of active birthing, how it can improve your labour and birth and the science behind it

  • How active birth works with your body's and your baby's physiology

  • How to put it into practice with positions and movements for labour and birth

  • Breathing techniques for labour and birth

  • The role of the birth partner - practically, emotionally and physicallyThe importance of the birth environment and how to set it up wherever you are

  • Simple massage techniques

  • How to combine an Active Birth with medical pain relief or interventions if you need them 

course material and investment: 

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