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Below are a selection links and phone numbers for various websites and contacts that may be of use both pre-natally and post-natally. Enjoy! And if there is anything that you think that should be added to the list, please do let me know. 
*Although I have recommended these sites, I am not responsible for their content and the views expressed.*

Caesarean Birth 
Homebirth Reference Site

Birth Choices
NHS Birth Choices:
Royal College of Midwives:
Which? Birth Choices Website:

Your Rights in Pregnancy and Birth
Association for Improvement in the Maternity Services:
Rebecca Schiller, Author of Why Human Rights in Childbirth Matter and Your No Guilt Pregnancy Plan;

Breastfeeding Support
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust services and links:
NHS Info Pages:
BfN (Breastfeeding Network):
La Leche League:
Lactation Consultants UK

Local Birth Centres/Hospitals
Horton Hospital Midwife Led Maternity Unit, Horton Hospital, Oxford Road, OX16 9FG; 01295 229472
John Radcliffe Hospital Women's Centre:
John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford Spires Midwifery-Led Unit:
Cotswold Birth Centre:
Warwick Hospital Bluebell Birth Centre:
Northampton General Hospital, Barratt Birth Centre:

Mental Health
Action on Post Partum Psychosis
Association for Postnatal Illness
Pre and Post Natal Depression Advice and Support
Oxford Parent Infant Project (OxPip)
Northamptonshire Parent Infant Partnership (NorPip)

Premature Babies

Baby Loss
Saying Goodbye 


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