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post-natal yoga 

from 6 weeks to crawling

Post-natal classes are designed to support recovery of the post-natal body in a gentle and empowering way which also protects precious energy resources at this time of huge change.


These classes are all about the mothers - not the babies! Babies are very welcome in the class, I know how difficult, if not impossible it can be to leave a baby in those early months, and yet you still want and need something that is for you, so bring them along, feed them, change them, soothe and play as much as you want to and join in with as much or as little of the class as you want to or is suitable.


The classes will include simple breathing techniques, gentle stretching and strengthening work and pelvic floor exercises. At the end of the session there is time for group connection and chat, with light refreshments provided.

Mothers will be welcome in class after doctors sign off at the GP week check up, or from 10 weeks if post c-section. Sadly I am all too aware that the GP check up is often fairly brief and can overlook a lot of the mother's health, but as an insurance condition this is required.  


post-natal yoga banbury

All new clients will receive a welcome goodie bag of sensory baby toys which go down really well with the babies as some of their favourite toys!

class times

Tuesdays: 10.00am - 11.30am

Wednesdays: 10.15am - 11.45am

client feedback

Jess and Hallie

I've been coming to postnatal yoga with Amy since my baby was 6 weeks, through to 6 months. I can't recommend her classes highly enough! I had no yoga experience whatsoever before coming to these classes, however I now feel confident to practise at home. Amy is warm, welcoming and down to earth and the classes were friendly and offered a great source of support from other mums also muddling through the same postpartum haze. It didn't matter if my baby was hungry/tired/grouchy/needed a nappy change/screaming (it happens to us all at some point!) as the atmosphere of the class made me feel comfortable tending to my baby as and when she needed me. Many fond memories of MAT leave have been made in these classes and I hope that maybe in a couple of years I'll get the chance to come again.

Katy and Lyrah

I joined Amy for two terms (I wish it could’ve been longer!!). The sessions are friendly, relaxed and as well as feeling stronger as a result of the poses, I have made some friends at the class too.

I like the lovely end of each week too, where Amy brings out the parachute and the disco lights so that the babies can have a sensory experience, while the mums enjoy a cup of something hot and a (often homemade) treat! The goody bags at your first class are lovely too!!

Amy is just genuinely brilliant, funny, warm and down to earth. The only negative to the whole experience is that your postnatal time has to end at some point!!

Sophie and Ziggy

Amy’s postnatal yoga classes are an absolute highlight of my week. A really chilled class, lovely moves, and I never feel worried or embarrassed when my baby acts like a baby! I’ve been to classes before where I felt super awkward but that is never the case here. The yoga is great, the company is great, the post yoga cakes are great. Will be sad when my latest baby grows too big for this class…!
Ps. The pregnancy yoga and Hypnobirthing is also absolutely spot on.

Mandy and Henry

I did pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga with Amy and I am so glad that I did. It gave me an excuse to dedicate time to me each week, and gave me a safe space with friendly mummies which I miss so much now that my little boy is almost 1! Amy is so kind and everyone is welcome, regardless of yoga ability.

Thank you Amy, you've done wonders for my postnatal recovery both physically and emotionally x

Kate and Beau

Amy has built such a lovely community in her post natal classes. It's so relaxed and welcoming, a real safe space for new mums. The refreshments are spot on . . . Oh and the yoga is pretty great too!

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