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Keeley's Birth Story

Hi Amy I hope you are well. Just wanted to pop a note over to let you know baby Dorothy arrived on 11th July at 22.13 weighing 8lb 5.5oz. I was completely paranoid I would need to be induced again like I was with our first baby in 2018 having gone 40 + 13 days overdue. Whilst the induction was actually positive and really quite quick in the end I really wanted the most natural birth with minimal intervention this time!

My waters went around 11.45am and trickled throughout the day on 11th. Horton MLU advised to go in and check they had definitely gone and offered a 3pm appointment. They confirmed they had gone and as I had elected to give birth at Warwick they phoned ahead and Warwick asked me to make my way over. By the time we arrived at Warwick at 5.30pm there were no real contractions or pains but presented 2cm dilated.

My husband and I kept super relaxed and I even practiced some yoga to keep active. On second examination I presented 4-5 cms at 8.15pm but still no real contractions. By 8.30pm contractions had started and were coming and going. During my first labour I was completely guilty of holding my breath through contractions even the midwife kept telling me to breath!

We decided to get some air as it was a hot day and took a walk around the hospital car park. By 9.15pm contractions had really started, but I was super keen to stay active and moving. I even stood up during all of the ‘car park contractions’ as we now call them. I used my husband and his arms for support and breathed deeply and slowly throughout, all techniques I had learnt with you.

Hand on heart I believe this is what got me through with no pain relief!! We spent 45 minutes contracting and got back to the ward at 9.59. By 10.01 I needed to push and was wheeled round quickly to delivery suite. I asked for some gas and air to help maintain the breathing techniques I was using as I was now 10cm and Dorothy was born 11 minutes later!

The whole experience was calm, and felt quick and natural. I cannot thank you enough your classes were invaluable and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I have booked to come back post natal!


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