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Pregnant Woman

Complete Antenatal Hypnobirthing courses
Pregnancy to post-natal yoga


Oh hi!

And I'm here to offer you a refreshing and straightforward approach to antenatal classes with my no-nonsense hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga classes that will take you from scared to prepared, and dare I say it, even a little bit excited about your upcoming birth.

With over five years of experience working with hundreds of families, I can't wait to work with you, whether you're a first-time parent, looking for connections with other parents, need some "me" time before (or after) your baby arrives, I've got the perfect class for you.

Let's do this!

I'm Amy.

Amy REALLY helped the whole pregnancy / post-natal “journey” for me!

From getting me moving in pregnancy, making me feel A LOT more chilled out (I was petrified beforehand) and informed about labour via the hypnobirthing course and also getting me out the house with the little one for post-natal yoga, which made such a huge difference! I am so grateful and will definitely be back with baby #2! Thanks Amy, you are the best!!!!!!



Amy is so lovely and gives such a personal experience on the hypnobirthing course!
I have also done yoga with her which was great! She will put you right at ease and help you feel prepped for this crazy journey!


Alongside the Prenatal Yoga, I saw Amy ran a Hypnobirthing class. I cannot recommend this enough and if you are pregnant, sign up immediately!
Before the class, I was really apprehensive, worried and scared about labour. I wanted every pain killer available and would probably go with whatever the midwives tell me to do. Since we did the class, I feel so empowered, positive and excited to give birth. Amy taught us how to be in control, embrace our inner strength and use the different techniques to ensure we have a relaxed and calm labour/birth.
I'm so glad my partner and I did the course!


When it came to my labour and birth I went fully equipped, both mentally and physically, with all the tools I needed to make my experience a positive one. I felt excited and well-informed about what was happening at every stage thanks to what I had learnt with Amy. I was induced and had a very quick labour and birth with little time in between to think but the things I made happen during it were all down to what I had learnt and I came away feeling like superwoman! I would highly recommend hypnobirthing for any expectant mother and have already recommended the course with Amy to a few friends. I will definitely be returning for my second! 💕

Upcoming Hypnobirthing Courses

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