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baby massage

from 4 weeks to crawling

Mondays 12.45pm - 1.45pm

Wednesdays 12.15pm - 1.15pm

Strengthen bonding, attachment and connection with your baby and make new friends in this fun, nurturing and welcoming baby massage course.


Join me for a wonderful way to relax and bond with your baby as we work through simple guided massage techniques, week by week building up to a full body massage.

Baby massage is such a lovely first class to do with your baby; as well as bonding and calming there are some wonderful benefits to massaging your baby as it can provide relief from:

👶 Colic
👶 Reflux
👶 Digestive issues
👶 Constipation
👶 Teething Pain
👶 Congestion

We will also begin each session with some simple stretches to ease YOUR achey shoulders and back (so it's not just the babies that we are taking care of!).

☕️ At the end of each session there is always time for group connection and chat, with a hot drink (fresh coffee, tea, decaff and herbal options available) and a home made snack provided (all free from options catered for).

Babies are welcome in class from 4 weeks, but please note that prior to 6 weeks dry massage or massage through clothes is recommended.

Massage should be avoided for 48 hours after immunisations so please bear this in mind (you will always be welcome to attend class purely for socialising even if not massaging!).

A younmg baby that has just enjoyed his first baby massage class at a studio just outside Banbury, near Brackley

"I LOVED this class with my little one! I was so nervous about taking him out on my own for the first time, but Amy made me feel really welcome and at ease. It didn't matter if he cried or I needed to feed him, it really helped build my confidence to be in such a supportive environment. It's a beautiful studio and the cake was 👌"


The course includes everything you need to be able to carry on your practice at home; baby safe grapeseed oil and an E-guide covering everything we do in class.

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